As we enter the early days of Spring we look back over the challenges that Winter has presented and look forward to the better weather and what’s needed going forward for the shop.

Running the business is becoming an increasing workload for the Committee given the constant increase in regulations in all aspects of premises, safety, food hygiene and employment as well as sourcing and keeping the shop stocked with the incredibly broad range of goods and services we provide. The success of the business is predicated on the continuing efforts of our staff, volunteer community and of course the support from the community to use these things. 

The Committee sits at seven elected members, three of whom have paid jobs/own businesses to run alongside their commitments to our business, six of us work in hands-on volunteering jobs in the shop as well as the performing the significant workload in running it.

There are areas we are struggling to meet the demand and would like to appeal to the community for people who would like the opportunity to work with the Committee in a supporting role, from taking minutes at monthly meetings, cash and carry purchases, helping with seasonal displays of goods, plants and promotions etc. If you’d like to be part of our incredible team by supporting the Committee members activities in a friendly, supportive and enjoyable environment please contact: Jo O’Dell 07921 999067 or email

Finally don’t forget mothers day on Sunday March 22nd, we will have a selection of special items, spring plants, chocolates and cards for the mums. The clocks go forward the following Sunday (29th) roll on summer!

Jo O’Dell vice-chair