ut it wills a summer of celebration! Fresh from our excitement at being awarded the QAVS, it was time to
mark the contribution of our fabulous team by holding our Volunteers’ Party. This was originally
intended to be an annual event but thanks to COVID our last party was in 2019. This year, Margaret
Bamford kindly offered her glorious garden as our venue and we duly gathered on Sunday 24th July,
laden with goodies for all to enjoy.

We took the opportunity to thank Steve Smith for his drive and hard work as our former Chair and
also marked the superb contribution of former Vice Chair, Jo O’Dell.  Both gave full commitment and
dedication to the needs of our business and we wish them well as life pulls them in different

I know our team would have been disappointed if we had not called forward Shop Managers Angus
and Helen, who together with Fiona and former Postmaster Julian, keep things running smoothly
and support the volunteers with patience and good cheer. We are also very much looking forward to
welcoming back Sue, who has been much missed recently. But it was the cheerful support and
willing hard work of the volunteer team that we were celebrating at our party, many of whose
members have not previously been credited with a mention. So, in strict alphabetical order, please
give a virtual round of applause to Alex, Andrew, Ann S, Annie H, Barbara, Carrie, Chris, Dinah,
Dorothy, Gwyneth, Iain, Ian, Jane, Janice, Jean, Julia, June, Lilian, Liz, Maggie, Mike, Nicola, Paddy,
Peter, Phil, Richard, Richie, Sara, Sharon, SueL, SueW, SusanS, Terry, Tony, Val and Wendy. They will
soon be joined by new recruits Nick and Sian – a warm welcome to them! Our customers know many
of these lovely villagers by name, as indeed they are known, and that is the beauty of our local store.
Please speak to any of the shop staff, or call Annie (07946 748814) or Margaret (07917 124119) if
you would like to enquire about becoming a volunteer – we would love to hear from you.

Moving on, we are all looking forward to Findon’s fabulous Sheep Fair and are very grateful to the
committee for allowing us a pitch right where the action is. Do come and say hello – and enjoy some
light refreshments with us while you see if you agree with the judges’ decisions. Our village centre
shop will operate as normal during the weekend – Saturday 7 am to 7 pm and Sunday 7 am to 12
noon. If you require cash or any other Post Office services remember the PO is open until 5.30pm on
Saturday and midday on Sunday, every week.

Please always remember that we are happy to deliver to your door if you are unable to get out for
any reason. This is a free service and keeps you in touch with members of our team who are always
chatty and willing to help. Finally, in the recent scorching temperatures we hope you took advantage                                              of our impressive range of ice creams, cold drinks and chilled snacks as well as being able to shop locally                                        and avoid hot cars or stuffy buses. By the time you read this the dangerous weather may well have passed
but it will still be important to keep as cool and hydrated as possible and it is good to note that the mineral
water provided free for anyone passing during the worst of the hot weather was so gratefully
received. Happy Summer, everyone and see you in the shop or at the Sheep Fair.

Annie Whitchurch