June heralds the start of the serious wedding season.  Very lovely, of course, but, ask the bride, and she might say that preparations leading up to the day can get a little fraught: the dress needs last minute attention, maybe a hem, or a buttonhole, or, perish the thought, a zip!  Well, a visit to the shop should help sort any last-minute hitches.  Whether you need a sewing kit, safety pins or even paper clips(!) – we’ve got you covered.  And if well-wishers need a congratulations card, we have a lovely variety.  While I am thinking of cards, I must compliment whoever chooses our cards (and it’s not me!).  We have a fantastic range for all occasions, and they’re really different.  I bought a birthday card with a dodo on the front, with the caption: ‘Not Dead Yet?’ Brilliant!  At least it appealed to me!

With the warmer weather, more people are visiting Findon, either for a holiday, or whilst visiting relatives.  Many of them find their way into the shop, and are frequently amazed that we fit so much stock into such a small space.  Sometimes we can take our shop for granted – after all, it’s now been seven years since the community of Findon gathered together to buy it at auction, and it’s been going from strength to strength ever since.  So it’s great when visitors remind us of what a valuable asset it is.  Personally, I think the Post Office is wonderful.  Where else would you fond one open on Sunday mornings? Incidentally, Arun district council have recognised that our shop is an Asset of Community Value, so that’s something else to celebrate.

Whilst on the subject of the community basis of the shop, I have been asked to include the following: ‘The Management Committee are very keen to reach out to all Findon residents for your views on our business. The Post Office and shop completely depend on your support so if you, or anyone you know, has any thoughts or suggestions we would be absolutely delighted to hear from you. Please share this message and respond either to Angus or Helen in the shop or by email to findonvillagestore@gmail.com.  Thank you!

Well, I’m loving the warmer weather, and am just off to the shop now to cool down with a soft drink and an ice cream.  Enjoy our summer goodies, cakes and scones – and I’ll speak to you again next month.


Jean Burden