Well, now the nights are really starting to draw in, and going out, especially later in the day, is
getting less attractive virtually by the day. So at this time of year, especially, I’m sure we’re all very
grateful to have a well-stocked shop on our doorstep. It’s open long hours as well – Monday
through to Saturday from 7am to 7pm, and Sunday morning as well. I don’t suppose many villages
can boast shops with such long opening hours. So, please, come on down. You’ll find a friendly face,
and a light and cosy space, as well as almost certainly finding that particular item you were looking

And, while I’m on that subject, can I just mention our manager, Angus, who goes well beyond the
call of duty. On occasions when a certain item isn’t delivered to the shop, he has been known to go
down to supermarket further afield to source it so that our customers don’t have to go without. You
wouldn’t get many managers doing that.

That’s the whole ethos behind the shop – everyone, from the management committee downwards,
giving above and beyond to ensure the success of the shop. A big thank you to the volunteers who
come in faithfully, week after week, to take their turn on the rota. And a special thank you to
volunteers who come in at very short notice to cover emergencies. A whole army of volunteers work
together to make the shop right at the hub of village life: to collect stock, maybe from as far away as
Brighton, or put stock out on shelves, or even keep the shop looking so clean.

Which reminds me. We could always do with more volunteers, and, this month, we’re particularly
looking for someone to organise the stock and shelves prior to our Thursday delivery coming in.
Storage is at a premium in the shop, especially as our range increases, and things can get a bit
jumbled as we are always filling shelves against the clock, at the same time as serving. So, if there is
anyone out there who loves organising, we’d love to hear from you! An hour or so on a Wednesday
afternoon would be great.

And thank you to our customers who support the shop. It’s lovely to see and chat with all our
regulars, and maybe share a joke or two. The men ‘s talk seems to be dominated by football, which I
don’t get at all, but there we are. It takes all sorts. What I do get, however, is how we try to listen to
our customers. A number have told us recently that there have been problems with the milk not
staying fresh for as long as it should. So, accordingly, we have done our research, and changed our
supplier. Any feedback is welcome, and of course we hope that it’ll be positive! 

The 2023 Christmas stamps will be released on 2 nd November! I think they might depict Christmas
carols, but best to go to our local post office to check! If you’re stuck for what Christmas presents to
buy, our post office sells gift cards for every occasion, so they’re always a safe bet. You can post
your Christmas parcels here, but it might be a bit early yet. More about last posting dates next

I hate it when Christmas stock starts to appear in shops as soon as the schools go back in September.
We try to hold back at least until after Hallowe’en and bonfire night. So, we’ll start putting our
Christmas stock out the week beginning 6 th November, when everyone will be starting to think about
Christmas, and all things snuggly, magical, sparkly and yummy. But, rest assured, it’s all coming into
the shop, and we’re getting it all ready. But more about that next month …

Jean Burden